** Covid- 19 Update **

08/06/2020 - Level 1

Cabinet has made the decision this afternoon to move to Alert Level 1 at 11.59 pm this evening. The move
to Alert Level 1 will enable us to provide services similarly to pre COVID-19.

However, we must not forget that there is still a global pandemic and we must remain vigilant.

👣 We will continue to maintain good infection control measures and provide hand sanitizer and hand washing facilities in our clinics.

👣 If you are unwell or develop cold symptoms please re-schedule your appointment to another time. 

👣 Physical distancing is not required but is encouraged where possible

12/05/2020 - Level 2

From Thursday 14th May Bay Feet will be able to see routine patients!

We will be taking extra measures to keep you safe at Level 2:

👣 Before your appointment, we will ask you Covid-19 screening questions

👣 If you start to feel unwell, please ring and we will re-schedule your appointment

👣 Appointment times will be staggered to reduce the chance of contact with other people in the waiting room and allow for extra cleaning (over and above what is normally done)

👣 Please keep to your appointment times - not too early or too late. This will again help reduce possible contact with other people.

👣 The waiting area has been modified to keep physical distancing in place.

👣 On arrival, we will ask you wash your hands or use the hand sanitiser provided

👣 We ask where possible, to use contactless payments

26/04/2020 - Level 3 

Bay Feet can operate during alert level 3 for urgent or essential care only.

Routine podiatry is not permitted under Level 3 alert, this applies to palliative and Musculoskeletal cases. Telehealth will still be used for the majority of patients. This means podiatry clinics cannot reopen their doors to see patients on a ‘business as usual’ basis.

‘Urgent care’ for community allied health professionals is defined as:

• a condition which is life or limb threatening

• treatment required to maintain the basic necessities of life

• treatment that cannot be delayed or carried out remotely without risk of significant harm or permanent and/or significant disability

• treatment which cannot be delivered by a service which is currently operating or by health professionals that are already in contact with the patient.

If your foot care is deemed as urgent or essential you will be seen in clinic. We will follow strict hygiene protocols inline with the Ministry of Health Guidelines to limit transmission to our patients. 

If you have concerns please do not hesitate to make contact on 021814723 or bayfeet@gmail.com.


Regarding Podiatry and essential services, the following statement has been released by the Ministry of Health.


“Podiatry services are non-essential with the exception of acute care, for example in the case of someone with diabetes. Therefore you must cease all non-essential face to face contact, and only treat people face to face who have acute needs.”

It is the view of PodiatryNZ that all acute care cases be referred to secondary care. 

If you have Diabetes and concerns please contact Bay Feet and I can put you in touch with Secondary Services. You can also contact your GP or to call Healthline on 0800 358 5453.

PodiatryNZ members are urged to comply with the intent and advice from the government.  “Everyone should stay at home. This is the best thing we can all do to stop the spread of COVID-19. This will save lives.”


To all current and future patients, PodiatryNZ recommends that all members in private practice suspend all face-to-face consultations immediately and cease physical practice completely when the Alert Level 4 is implemented.

Bay Feet will now be closed for at least 4 weeks as part of a nationwide self-isolation, beginning in 48 hrs.

If you believe you have an emergency, please contact your GP / Medical Centre. 

If you need to contact me please phone 06) 845 4774 or email bayfeet@gmail.com and I will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

Four weeks is a long time but together we can slow the spread. Please take care, be kind and look after yourselves #Uniteagainstcovid19